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Child Development FAQ's

Who can join the Eugene Family YMCA?
All individuals are welcome to join the Eugene Family YMCA.  In upholding our commitment that “Everyone is Welcome,” the Eugene Family YMCA acknowledges and honors the wide range of religious, spiritual and philosophical beliefs that volunteers, members, staff and community participants may hold. The Y respects the range of beliefs in our community by modeling acceptance, inclusion, compassion and love. We embrace the worth of each individual and assist them in developing their unique gifts and abilities.

Is the YMCA a non-profit organization?
Yes, the Eugene Family YMCA is a local, community-based non-profit organization formed by volunteers in 1887. A volunteer board provides direction to help the YMCA respond to community needs. Tax deductible contributions from the community make it possible to construct YMCA facilities as well as provide financial assistance so everyone can participate in YMCA membership and programs.

Can I use my Eugene Family YMCA membership anywhere?
The Eugene Family YMCA a is an AWAY (Always Welcome at Y's) Y. We welcome current members of other Y's and offer them 10 free visits per year.You may use your Eugene Family YMCA membership at other YS when you travel. Just make sure you have your current membership card and ask about their AWAY policy. (Not all Y's are AWAY Y's.) If you'd like to find out more about other Y's, log onto www.ymca.net and put the zip code of there area you are traveling to in the search field.

How do I become a member of the YMCA?
Visit the Y for a tour any time we're open.  For detailed join fee and rate information and an introduction to all of our programs and activities, please visit our home page and use the quick links or the drop down menus to explore your areas of interest..

As a new member, you will have a joining fee and prorated dues for the first month to get started.  The YMCA does not require a contract and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your membership with the Y and let us know within 30days of joining, we will refund any full months you have paid for AND your joining fee.

Youth, High School, Student, Adult, Senior, Family and Household memberships are available, so you are sure to find the type of membership that best meets your needs..  We are committed to membership for all.  And, no one is turned away due to an inability to pay - please ask about our Scholarship Program.

For additional membership information, click here.

Why join the Y?

The Eugene Family YMCA is a community that offers more than you expect.  Our focus is on building a relationship to support you in reaching your wellness goals - whether to lose weight, improve your health, change your lifestyle, spend more time with your family, make new friends...  You'll find state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, group fitness activities, swimming, basketball, racquetball, tennis, and more along with staff who are here because they caring, knowledgeable and truly want to make a difference..

And, the YMCA is a non-profit community service organization that provides support throughout the Lane County area through numerous programs including teen and youth programs. Through our Childcare Development Program we serve as the largest provider of child care provider in Lane County.

Our commitment to you is what makes the Y the place where you belong!

I'm moving to the Eugene/Springfield area.  How do I transfer my Y membership to the Eugene Family YMCA?
Great! We look forward to having you join our Y family. Please come in within 30 days to get your membership started. Please bring a letter from your YMCA, to the Eugene Family YMCA, stating that you are a member at that Y and your ending date. Please make sure you stop your membership at your current Y, before you move.

Are donations to the YMCA tax deductible?
Yes.  Contributions to a Strong Kids Campaign, building campaign, and general donations for other purposes are tax-deductable.  The YMCA is recognized as an IRS 501(c)3 charity. 

Fees paid for membership dues or program enrollment are not tax deductible. 


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