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A life skill

Learning to swim offers much more than safety in the water. It builds self-confidence, develops self-esteem and makes water a safe, fun environment for a lifetime!

Lesson Descriptions

Infant (6 months - 3 years)

Parent/ Child: Increase comfort and enjoyment in the water for children and their parents with an introduction to making bubbles, holding breath, kicking, and floating.

3 - 5 years old

Pike: Flutter kick with board, arm stroke, bobs, jump in and swim back to the wall, breath control, bubbles, and introduction to back glide.

Eel: Roll front to back, front and back glide with kick, winging, deep water bobs, crawl stroke, and rotary breathing.

6 years old and up

Pollywog: Front/back glide and flutter kick, rotary breathing, sit dives and bobs, front crawl, introduction to elementary back stroke, and personal safety.

Guppy: Rotary breathing, front crawl, elementary backstroke and personal safety.

Minnow: Front/back crawl for 25 yards, whip kick, turns, introduction to breast stroke, and   elementary backstroke for 25 yards.

Pre-competiton: Breast stroke, side stroke, dolphin kick, introduction to butterfly, flip turns, starting from blocks, breast stroke start and turn.

Private Lessons
Private lessons arranged through the Aquatics Director . She will work to match an instructor and time with your specific needs.

Spring Swim Lessons

Session 1: March 31 - April 24 (4 Week Session)
Session 2: April 28 - May 22 (4 Week Session)
Session 3: May 26 - June 12 (3 Week Session)

Online Registration

Small Pool M/W or T/Th Big Pool M/W Big Pool T/Th
9:30 am 5:00 pm 5:30 pm 6:00 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm
Parent &
(T/Th Only)
Pike Pike Pike Polliwog Polliwog
  Eel Eel Eel Guppy
    Parent & Child
(T/Th Only)
  Minnow Pre-Comp


Rates Member or Program Member
4 week | 3 week
4 week | 3 week
Group $30 | $22.50 $50 | $38
Prnt/Child $15 | $12 $25 | $19
Private $60 $80
Semi-Private $100 $140

Contact Aquatics Director for private swimming lessons.  Email jackie@eugeneymca.org

Online Registration

NOTE: Due to small class size and high demand there are no refunds unless cancelled before day of class.

Program Memberships

A membership option for youth age 0-14 who want to participate in YMCA programs but not use the facility. (For example preschool, swim lessons, summer camps, after school care, youth sports, youth tennis lessons, etc.)

What does it cost?
Only $40 a year.

How does this benefit me?
With a Program membership, you will pay a reduced rate for all the YMCA programs your child participates in. This will make it easier to keep your child active, having fun, building self-esteem and making friends.



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