Summer care? Don't you mean summer camp?

With current distancing requirements and restrictions we are intentionally moving away from summer camp and calling it summer care. While it won't be the camps your family is familiar with or expecting, we promise to do our best to provide your children and youth a safe summer experience that is fun and as active as we can possibly get!

So, what will summer care look like?

Summer care is similar to our care programs we provided to medical/health care workers and essential employees. Group sizes will be 10 children and 1 adult. Upon arrival to care each youth will have their temperature taken at the front check in station, and family members will have a series of questions to answer before Y staff sign your youth in and escort them back to their group area. The only people allowed in group areas where summer care is being held will be the enrolled youth and Y staff. 

There will be distancing rules in place, as well as frequent hand-washing. Staff who are in close proximity with youth from more than one group (such as our sign-in station staff and program subs) will be wearing masks. Youth are welcome to bring and wear their own masks as long as they are able to do so following appropriate safety guidelines for use. 

Here are further details:

  • Summer Care will run Monday, June 22 - August 28th
  • Registration is by the week and there is a cost
    • Kindergarten - 5th grade $175/week YMCA member and $195 for nonmember.  
    • Preschool - $215/week for YMCA member and $235 for nonmember
    • Financial assistance is available.
  • Partial week registration is not an option. Only Monday - Friday
  • Hours for care will be 7:30am to 5:30pm.
In order to provide care for as many youth as possible we will operate at the Y for preschool aged care (which is also open to members, but there is no access to care spaces for those that aren't enrolled youth or staff).  Care is being provided for youth entering Kindergarten through 5th grade at the following locations: First Congregational Church, Roosevelt Middle School, and Meadow View Elementary School.

  • YES we will have weekly themes, yes we will have dress up days, yes we will have laughter and fun!
  • We are prioritizing ways to safely engage those in our care in active programming
  • At this time swimming is not an option - we are thinking of other ways to stay cool on those hot summer days!
  • We will not be able to go on field trips/use buses but we are looking at some hiking/park visits/virtual tours.
  • Your youth will need to bring a healthy lunch and two snacks. If you need assistance with this please let us know.
  • Preschool programs will be able to provide meals (breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack)
At this time registration is open online for school aged programs and you may register yourself. If certain weeks are full, complete your registration process and you will automatically be placed on the wait list. We will let people in as openings are created in the order you were put on the wait list. If you experience issues with online registration or would like to register for one of our preschool aged summer care programs, please email us at youth@eugeneymca.org.
Due to a high volume of questions/calls and limited staff time we may not be able to respond to inquiries as to where you are on the wait list. Please know that we are doing our very best to provide excellent care to as many families as possible while also following and respecting safety guidelines and policy set forth by our governing agencies and leadership.


We are here to make your kids feel welcome. To help them quickly realize this is a place where they belong and can be themselves. Try new things. Make new friends. And be a part of something great.

We are here to help your kids grow in every way. We meet them where they are, then give them opportunities to reach levels they never imagined. New skills. New experiences. New parts of themselves.

We're here to surround every child with support, guidance and fantastic chances to discover and learn. A chance to try until they succeed. A chance to explore new talents and interests.

We are here to foster their curiosity. To encourage them to expand their comfort zones in what they do, who they know and what they believe. And discover what they are passionate about.

We're here to show kids all they can accomplish when they believe in themselves. They thrive, knowing they can relax in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.

We are here to create experiences that immerse them in an atmosphere that inspires, guiding them to live healthy, help others and work together, making strong friendships that often last a lifetime.

The Y is here to help them flourish socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Rooted in caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, our holistic approach works wonders, preparing kids for life, one fantastic summer at a time.

Holly Kriz-Anderson, Youth Development Director
summercamp@eugeneymca.org / 541-686-9622 / Tax ID 93-05-00679