We can help you achieve your wellness goals. The following appointments are available for YMCA members, 18 years and older unless otherwise noted. For more information or to sign up, please talk to one of our Wellness or Membership staff.


We know the journey to well-being may seem like a long one, but you don't have to go it alone. Share your health history, goals, blood pressure and workout wishes with a Wellness Coach. We can give you an introduction to our Wellness Center and answer any questions about the facility or our programs. If you are interested in a personalized exercise program we can develop one just for you after you've attended this appointment. We'll help guide you to your healthy path.

Whether you are brand new to exercise, need an update to a program that you've been doing for awhile, or are looking for a new challenge, we can make a personal program that fits your needs and works for you. After your Initial Appointment a Wellness Coach can take you through your program, one-on-one, and teach you how to adjust equipment and perform exercises with appropriate form to maximize the safety and effectiveness. Programs can be updated four time a year.

What do I press, how do I start that machine, and what does this piece of equipment do? If you have some questions about what you see in the Health and Wellness Center and would like someone to walk through it with you, we'd be happy to give you an Orientation. In a Orientation a Wellness Coach can take you through and show the special features of our equipment, and some basics about how our facility is set up.

First impressions can mean a lot, so let us make your teen's first impression of exercise a positive one. We'll work to educate, inspire and help develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Teens who are interested in using the Health and Wellness Center will need to complete two training sessions with a Wellness Coach (the program is encouraged for all participants under 18 years, and required for those 12-15 years). We'll create a program for your teen based on their goals, experience, and current activities that is appropriate for their stage of physical development, while focusing on safety and education. We'll also cover what is expected of a teen participant and make sure we squeeze in some fun.

To an adult the Health and Wellness Center can look intimidating, to a child it can look like a playground; we want to revise both those visions and show you that it is a place for your family to be healthy, happy and active together. Our goal is to help you have time together and support one another while improving your family's health. In a Family Training Appointment, we'll teach you which equipment and activities are safe and appropriate for you and your child to do together in the Health and Wellness Center. These appointments are just as educational for parents as they are for your kids. Children should be between the ages of 8-11, and everyone should come dressed for exercise and ready to workout together.

If you need some information to help you establish some specific goals and check your progress, a Fitness Assessment might be just what you need. A Wellness Coach can take you through a series of standardized assessments that measure your cardiovascular, strength, body composition, flexibility, and endurance levels. This is an excellent way to get a snapshot of what your overall fitness levels are right now. Your first Fitness Assessment is free and each follow-up assessment costs $10.

Everyone wants to be strong, capable and independent. We offer a Senior Fitness Test (SFT) to see how you are doing in the areas of fitness that are the most relevant to a 60+ population. Our SFT helps you identify your current functional strength, flexibility, endurance and agility levels. The SFT can be done in a one-on-one setting with a Wellness Coach, or during one of our multiple Group Assessments that are offered each year.

FIT FOR YOU (Personal Training)
Sometimes we all need a little more. Maybe you need a little more motivation and accountability, or a little more of a challenge, or just a little more help. You can get a little more - or a lot more! - with a Fit For You. Meet individually with a knowledgeable Wellness Coach who will tailor each of your personal sessions to your specific fitness goals. $35 for 1-sessions, $140 for 4-sessions or $245 for 8-sessions. This program is designed to provide continued support for members and is not intended for non-members.

FIT FOR TWO (Personalized Training for Two)
Get by with a little help from your friend. This is a Personal Training that is designed for two. You'll be a team deciding on when and what to work on, and a Wellness Coach will be there to take you through your workouts together. Members are responsible for providing their own partner to train with. Cost for each participant is $25 for 1-session, $100 for 4-sessions or $175 for 8-sessions.

For More Information:
Kimberly Miller, Director of Health & Wellness
kimberly@eugeneymca.org / 541-686-9622 x223