PeaceHealth and your Y are offering a brand new 10-week program that focuses on exercise, fall prevention and fun! By combining the game of bingo, exercise and health education, Bingocize aims to improve upper and lower body strength, balance, gait, social engagement, and knowledge of fall risk reduction.

Bingocize® isn't just another health program—it's a vibrant fusion of fitness and health education that seamlessly incorporates the beloved game of bingo!

The combination is a winning formula that keeps Bingocizers coming back for more. Bingocize® isn't just about exercise and health education—it's about creating memorable experiences infused with music, movement, and social connections. 

Whether it's grooving to tunes, involving family and friends, or simply enjoying the company of fellow Bingocizers, the program is easily adaptable, making it a welcoming experience for everyone involved. Packed with surprises, Bingocize is a game-changer for older adults everywhere.

Bingocize is offered Monday & Wednesday from 1 to 2 p.m. beginning June 24.

Pre-registration is required.