2022 100-Mile Swim/Aqua Challenge

This challenge has been motivating individuals to stay active and reach for a long-term goal—the equivalent of swimming across the English Channel 4 times! Participants track miles, yards or laps, and those who tally 100 miles over the course of a year earn a sweatshirt.
A HUGE thank you to our sponsors, Team Eugene Aquatics and Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, for helping make this challenge possible!

Progress Toward 100 Miles!

Check out how far our Challenge Participants have swam! 
Mileage Updated Weekly. (Last Updated: 12/5/2022 at 10:00am )

Challenge Participant # of Miles Completed
Allie G.  
Amy Beth 11
Anders W. 28
Andy S. 40
Ann Craig 111
Barbara 434
Beth C. 229
Blake Robertshaw 54
Bob L. 107
Brynne Blevins Andrus 54
Catherine Moran 51
Chloe 71
Claire S. 80
Cleo 72
Dane 20
Deb Dotters 146
Deb M. 102
Deborah Simone 36
Dianna Applegate 100
Erin KW 20
Garian 95
Henry Luvert 103
J. Crowder 59
James Rechs 85
Jane Gilbert 92
Jann Gorrin 27
Jeanette T. 63
Jeanie Smith 95
Jessica R. 17
John W.  
Jonathan Schilling 58
Kai W. 14
Kali 12
Karen Ashton 103
Kevin Z. 157
Kristin Bartus 79
Leslie De Young 126
Linda  90
Lord Admiral 27
Maddog Harms 100
Mizz V 102
Nadine Powell 100
Nancy Toth 96
NS 105
Princess of the Pool 56
Rex Fox 212
Robbie Petetit 103
Sarah D-K 103
Sarah 23
Sophie Navarro Matchett  
Susan 131
Yogi S. 16
If you have registered for the challenge, please use this form to track your progress!
Please note that your progress will be updated weekly by your Y staff on this page!