woman swims in pool for eugene ymca 100-mile aqua challenge

100-Mile Aqua Challenge

Challenge yourself to swim or aqua jog 100 miles in 2024!

Brought to you by your Y, City of Eugene Rec and Willamalane

The year-long challenge motivates individuals to stay active and reach for a long-term goal — the equivalent of swimming across the English Channel four times.

Participants will track their miles, yards or laps, and take part in a friendly competition. Swim or aqua jog in a pool, lake, ocean, river or whatever suits you. A mid-challenge party with take place at Amazon Pool during the summer of 2024 and an end-of challenge party will happen at Willamalane during winter 2025.

Users of the Y's pool must either be an active member or pay a day pass fee.

Who: Anyone
What: Swim or aqua jog 100 miles
When: From Jan 16, 2024 to Jan. 15, 2025
How: Participants will keep track of their individual mileage which will be posted below weekly
Cost: It's free! Although T-shirts are available for purchase
Register: Online or in-person at the Y before March 15, 2024

         TRACK MILES

How far is a mile in the Y pool?

Pool length = 25 yards
Pool lap = 50 yards
1 mile = 35 laps or 70 lengths
1 mile = 1,750 yards
3,500 laps = 100 miles

If you are swimming in a meter-length pool (Echo Hollow or Amazon):

Pool length = 25 meters 
Pool lap = 50 meters 
1 mile = 1,600 meters or 32 laps 
3,200 laps = 100 Mile 

Note: Amazon Pool sometimes has lane lines set up as long-course, which is 50-meter lengths or 100-meter laps! 

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