Y member chelsea wear goggles in the eugene ymca's aquatics center

2023 100-Mile Aqua Challenge

This year-long challenge motivates individuals to stay active and reach for a long-term goal—the equivalent of swimming the length of the Panama Canal twice! Participants track miles, yards or laps, and those who tally 100 miles over the course of a year earn a sweatshirt. If you are participating in the 2023 challenge, scroll down to log your distance!

Who: Anyone!
What: Swim or Aqua Jog 100 miles!
Where: Anywhere you feel comfortable swimming—the Y pool, a local city pool or the pool at your hotel when you are on vacation!
Dates: From Jan. 16, 2023 until Jan. 15, 2024.
How: Participants will keep track of their individual mileage with printed tracking sheets or through a virtual platform. Results will be recorded by Y Staff on our Tracking Bulletin Board in the Y hallway (for those who wish to share)
Register: Jan. 1 through March 15, 2023 at the Welcome Center or online (button below).
Cost: $18 Y Members / $28 Community Members. Successful completion of the challenge earns you a 100-Mile Swim sweatshirt!
Questions: E-mail sabrina@eugeneymca.org


Progress Toward 100 Miles!

We do our best to update mileage weekly! Please be patient with staff as there may be occassional delays.
(Miles Updated: 3/24/2023 at 1:00am)
Hank Alley  
Jann Gorrin  
Liz Budd Singh 40
Teresa C.  
Betty Campbell Ross  
Mari 3
EugWaterBaby 40
Leo Chan 6
Aidan Childs 16
Garian 9
Ann 12
Simone D'Aubigne 46
Suzan Dawe  
Leslie DeYoung 5
Justin Dillon-Williams 2
Dora Dods  
Debdot 53
Sarah DK 27
Tomas E. 6
Anne 20
Melissa E. 11
Mikaiya E.  
Jack Feist 2
Rex Fox 53
L. Haack  
Paige Hamm 17
Barbara Henckel 70
Miriam Herrmann  
Sherri Jackson  
Princess of the Pool 11
Anders W.  
Julie Lambert  
Wallace and  
Dick Lennox  
KY Bob 35
Chelsea 15
Cat Luna  
Henry 24
Will Matthews 46
Jim Peterson 27
Robbie 20
Tanya Pitts  
E. Roemhildt 19
Jonathan Schilling 14
Heather S. 14
Pam S. 2
Tara Sieberman  
Jeanie S. 14
Sarah Smith  
Valerie S.  
Amber S.  
Katie T. 2
Mizz V 33
Elizabeth Tojcic  
NancyT 30
Jena Turner 13
DanU 33
Davin Yannick 94
Kevin Z. 19
Rachel Tomlinson 1

If you have registered for the challenge, please use this form to track your progress!

Your progress will be updated on this page weekly by Y staff.