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Child Care

Oregon Child Care Programs by ZipCode 
Quality Cares Connections

Family Calendars

Lane Kids

Family / Youth Resources

Lane Kids
Community Resources - Relief Nursery

Disability, Education, Interpersonal Violence, Legal, Mental Health, Parenting, Specific Groups
Resources for Families (ParentingNow)
Adoption, Anger Management, Basic Needs, Child Abuse/Neglect, Child Care, Counseling, Domestic 
Violence, Family Education and Support, Financial Assistance, Grief/Loss, Helplins, Legal, Libraries, 
Medial - Dental, Postpartum/Prenatal Support, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Recreation, Secual Abuse 
and Assault, Special Needs, Substance Abuse Recovery
Behavioral Health and Crisis Community Resilience Tool Kit
Early Childhood Mental / Behavioral Resources

Food Resources

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
Food Pantries


Youth Facing Hardships


Senior & Disability Services
Senior and Disabled Services, a division of Lane Council of Governments 
Aging and Disability Resource Connection of Oregon
Ride Source

Housing the Unhoused

Community Supported Shelters
SVDP I'm Homeless (or about to be homeless)