Stronger in Love

By Kimberly Z. Miller
Eugene Family YMCA's Health & Wellness Director

Workout partners are known to help people stick with a workout routine, but research shows that if your workout partner is also your spouse or love interest, you’ll stick with a fitness program longer and your relationship will benefit. Working out with your partner is a fun way to spend time together, bond and support one another’s health goals.

The most challenging part of starting a new routine is sticking with it, so let consistency be the focus of your time together and don’t worry if you and your partner are at different fitness levels or have different goals. 

Follow these guidelines for successful couples’ workouts:

  • Schedule weekly workout dates, making the time a priority to help each other stay accountable
  • Keep your workouts fun by listening to music you both like
  • Set goals to work toward
  • Avoid competing; instead focus on encouraging each other

Exercising together can lead to deeper connections, promote intimacy and spice up your physical relationship. Don’t be surprised if your new fitness routine leads to more romantic moments!

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February 1, 2021