Diversity, Inclusion and Global Engagement (DIG) Committee

The Y's dig committee offering facepainting at Welcoming FestivalYour Y's diversity, inclusion and global engagement (DIG) work has gained significant momentum with the establishment of a committee charged with promoting an inclusive organizational culture that values all dimensions of diversity, strengthens inclusion and builds global community. "We want to build upon the Y's remarkable legacy in a way that is intentional and amplifies the voice of those traditionally unheard," says CEO Brian Steffen. "When we strive to create a culture of equity free from bias and injustice, we allow all people to develop to their full potential."

In Fall 2020, the DIG Committee recommended to the YMCA's Board of Directors to sign onto the city of Eugene's statement in conjunction with the release of its 8th annual Hate and Bias report:

"We are committed to building and sustaining a community in Eugene that is welcoming and inclusive for every person living, working and visiting here. We are joining together in solidarity with the people and communities who have experienced hate and bias or discrimination in our city in a unified voice to say that hate will not be tolerated here. Hate and bias activity undermines the type of community we all want to live in," reads part of the letter.

Contact the DIG Committee at DIG@eugeneymca.org.