Margie Templeton Art for All WallJoin us in welcoming Y member Margie Templeton to the Art for All Wall! Margie has been a Y member for at least 50 years. Like herself, she knows many people at the Y who are retired. Her message to other is: "Whatever your dream is, follow it! Retirement is the next chapter, not the end!"

After 35 years of working as a psychologist, Margie retired and decided to take up watercolor painting. This took tremendous courage on her part because she could barely draw a stick figure. Twelve years later, she has come a long way. Her work as a therapist and the time she's spent living abroad have deeply influenced the way she interprets imagery and the way she works with color, texture and form.

Margie is grateful that she did not let self-consciousness keep her from pursing art. She encourages others who feel self-conscious about their artistic ability to overcome their fears and try taking an art class. "If you can find the courage to stick with it, you will improve with time and practice," she says. "The joy of creating is a precious gift."

She is also a member of the New Zone gallery where her paintings sell for higher prices, but she is committed to making art affordable for everybody and her show at the Y is priced for everyone. 20% of proceeds will go to support the Y!

To purchase art, contact Margie.
text: 458.215.5050

Eugene Family YMCA

2055 Patterson St, Eugene, OR 97405

Event Details

Tuesday, November 1, 2022 - 3:00pm to Monday, January 2, 2023 - 3:00pm