eugene family ymca lockers in the peacehealth wellness center gym and sasquatch mural by ila rose

Day Use Lockers at the Eugene Family YMCA's Don Stathos Campus

The Eugene Family YMCA strives to be a place FOR ALL; a place that is accessible, equitable and as secure as possible in our services to our facility and community members.

In that spirit, all lockers at the Eugene Family YMCA at the Don Stathos Campus will be available for day use ONLY.

We understand that this change could create some difficulty for your routine, so let us explain why this is the most equitable, accessible and secure option:

  • All individuals can use ANY locker as long as it is unlocked, regardless of size (more lockers available each day!)
  • ALL sizes of lockers are usable each day to meet the varied needs of items to be stored while using the Y (bike helmets, yoga mats, personal swim gear, kids’ clothes.)
  • All lockers are available for use each day, versus rented lockers sitting locked and un-usable while the “renter” is not using the Y (for days, weeks, months even.)
  • It eliminates the challenge of deciding who gets to choose their locker first (lottery system) and who gets left off when we run out.
  • More lockers are available to keep items securely stored while using the Y, rather than members risking a theft incident because all Day Use lockers are in use, and some “rentable” but not-yet-rented lockers are locked and unavailable.

Plase know that we are doing our best to create a positive experience for all users of the new Y and some changes will not be ideal for everyone. Bear with us as we all learn new routines and techniques for getting the most out of our new Y, its amenities and the new programs that help us stay healthy and thriving! 

Thank you for your patience, your understanding and your kindness.

How to use day use lockers:

Protect your belongings by locking your items in a locker. Your Y is not responsible for stolen items.


  1. Find a locker in unlocked postions (blue arrow up)
  2. Place your items inside
  3. Choose a 4-digit code
  4. Close the door (Hint: take a picture of your locker number & code to help you remember!)
  5. Turn knob to lock position (blue arrow to the side)
  6. Scramble your code
  7. Enjoy your Y, your belongings are secure!


  1. Put in your 4-digit code
  2. Turn knob to unlock position
  3. If the lock seems “stuck,” pull it slightly toward you and turn knob
  4. Locker is available for the next person to enjoy!

Please do not leave belongings overnight: They will be placed in lost and found.

Forgot your code? A Y employee can help!


December 29, 2023