The aim of the program is to help make lasting change for those with prediabetes.

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Eugene Family YMCA will be hosting two new virtual Diabetes Prevention Program classes to help make lasting change for those with prediabetes.

"Diabetes is a devastating disease that affects an individual's overall health and life expectancy," said Kate Kevern, coordinator of the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program. "As we've witnessed with COVID-19, those with diabetes are at significant increased risk of other diseases as well."

The YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program is an evidence-based, one-year supportive coaching experience that helps participants prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Research shows that programs like this one reduce the number of new cases of Type 2 Diabetes by 58% overall and 71% in people over 60.

"We've been so lucky to be able to convert this incredible program into an online experience for participants," said Kim Miller, director of Health and Wellness. "Access to our resources and knowledgeable lifestyle coaches is available from the comfort of home, which means that the typical obstacles to attending class, such as distance to the Y, are eliminated."

The program is open to anyone who is 18 years or older, has a BMI of 25 or more and has one of the following:

  • A1c: 5.7%-6.4%
  • Fasting plasma glucose: 100-125 mg/dL
  • 2-hour plasma glucose: 140-199 mg/dL
  • Gestational diabetes during a previous pregnancy

Participants can choose between the 12 p.m. or 6 p.m. classes which start on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021. The cost is $35.75. Financial assistance is available.

For more information, email prevention@eugeneymca.org or call 541-686-9622 or visit https://bit.ly/ReverseYourRisk.

The program is part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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December 17, 2020